Friday, September 26, 2008

Quality Custom T-shirts, Guaranteed

At Wordans, we pride ourselves on printing the highest quality custom t-shirts in the industry, and we're not afraid to show it!

Each shirt is custom printed with care and attention, wether you buy one custom tee shirt or choose to screen-print your t's for a larger order.

Check out this latest custom order. Jeremy from Montreal made his own " I wear my sunglasses at night " t shirt design and had it printed on these retro shirts. Needless to say,, for 20$ a pop, he was pretty happy!

With Wordans, you can print up to 14 inches by 16 inches wide at no extra cost on any colored shirt! High quality, durable and great looking prints that will last on your t-shirts.

Simply create your shirt, order it and receive it by mail! Satisfaction is guaranteed, so there is no risk in trying!

Get the tee shirt you've always dreamed of! I mean literally, anything you want!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This week's winner!

Congrats to Luis Dumais for this week's best design! IT was a tough choice, but man, what a cool t-shirt!

Wanna buy this t-shirt creation? Send us an e-mail at or just make your own!

Netflix Player makes dating even harder

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So Netflix have expanded their opportunities by proposing Netflix player, an on-demand video streaming device that works with their own popular movie rental service. Big deal! So I can download thousands of movies from the click of a button. How does this help me!

My number one tool when I ask girls on a date has always
been going to the movies, now Netflix has gone and ruined my game!

"Hey... You wanna go to the movies later?"

"Well I'd love to but I'm going to watch any movie I want on my Netfilx player tonight ALONE!"

Great. I guess I'll have to go solo to see Indiana Jones kick some arse this time.... I'll be the only one in the theater strutting my cool new Indiana Jones t-shirt.

I used to have all these great t-shirts I'd wear for a night out at the movies to show off my celebrity credentials and movie knowledge. Like my
Gort - The day the earth stood still" t-shirt. You all know Gort!? Ok... So am I alone on this one?

Ahh the good times.... The good times when going to see "Gort - The day the earth stood still" made sense to people,when Pulp Fiction was cons
idered a chick flick, or when clockwork orange had some meaning! Now, we're ever so bound to watching the idiot box when we could be showing off our movie skills to some cute girls we just met at the gum ball machine. I'll still make my own movie t-shirts, as long as our designers keep reeling up the footage!

I blame Netflix.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Celebrity t-shirts

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Have you ever watched Star Wars and thought, "Man, do I ever love Boba Fett", or listened to the Doors and wished you could wear Jim Morisson's face? Ever wondered who would win in a fight between ODB and Dewee from Malcom in the Middle? No? Never?

Well, in case you have, here's how to soothe your needs: buy a t-shirt! Seriously, where else are you gonna find these original designs, and at this price? A Slash t-shirt from Guns and roses, Hulk Hogan ready to kick your ass, Mike Tyson waiting to bite your ear off, Will Ferell getting tanked, Jimmy Hendrix, Johnny Cash flipping the bird... You just got to visit our celebrity t-shirt section. All designs are original submissions from designers from around the world who are just aching to sell their work! I don't even know where to start anymore... I want them all! I thin I will definitely save the ODB vs. Dewee design for myself. I want to be the only one wearing it! Of course my boss urges me to post it online... Damn office politics!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama t shirt is not for the curious George

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A restaurant owner in Marietta, Ga. has begun selling an Obama t shirt that has everyone talking... The problem is it has actually stirred up quite the controversy that is sure to spark some flames across the lines!

The shirt in question has the Curious George monkey eating a banana with the inscription "Obama 08". The obama curious george t shirt that is being sold has also caught the attention of the famous character's publishers who are rightfully threatening to sue the owner of the restaurant for copyright infringement. The curious george obama shirt has at least respected one point, it has made people think!

As I love parallels between Obama and George Bush, lets start a little debate. Is there a difference between depicting Obama as a cartoon monkey in this obama monkey shirt and making a caricature of George Bush as a monkey? I guess labeling a black man a monkey goes back to the old racist statement of black people being primates, and calling George Bush a monkey is just being realist... It's just sad to see people still have the ignorance to make racist statements, especially ones that are worn and advertised! What a race he has to go through, imagine what would happen if the Republicans get to attack him in the presidential nomination. They certainly won't portray him as a monkey, but they won't give him the king's treatment!

This brings us to the important job public websites like Wordans have to monitor their content. Copyright Infringement and Racist statements are of course banned from, lets just hope other companies keep the same ethical stance. We will have to stick to our user submitted content (so many great designs have been submited already!) like the Obama t-shirt design below, an other Wordans Original!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama 57 states mishap

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Obama has become a bit of a Bush recently with his latest speech mishap. Barack, in one of his beloved monologues, let his audience know how hard he has been campaigning to win the democratic nominations. So how long did he campaign? Well, apparently Obama has campaigned for 57 states with "one more to go"!

Now don't worry, I'm not about to point out his incompetence, or blame him for the upcoming recession, or even point out that maybe his name is Irak Hussein Ossama (Mitt Romney actually mentioned the name Obama Bin Laden several times before being put in his place by the Obama campaign). I just want to give a bit of credit to George W. Bush (please, don't throw tomatoes at your computer screen) for all of the jokes and finger pointing he had to go through for his many speech impediments. Apparently, qualified people make mistakes too! That's because every one makes mistakes, from blaming 911 on the Iraqis to painting children's toys with poisonous led.

The difference is, some mistakes are bigger than others! So lets stop blaming politicians for not reading their script well, and start blaming them for not doing their job well.
It's better to say there are 57 states than forget about 1 (Anyone remember Louisana and Katrina?) and thats the truth.

The question remains, will you stop supporting Obama because of this mishap, or will you stay a supporter? What shirt would you wear? I love Obama or Nobama 2008? ( I was going to go for Obamania, but thats just pushing it!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kanye West goes fashion !

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Kanye West has never been so fashionable! Designer Malves sent us this great kanye west graphic design called college dropout as a tribute to our favorite producer.

You can now make your own Kanye West original T-shirt and prove your fanhood. Just create your own t-shirt using the design, add text, and you have your own custom t shirt !

Come check out our celebrity shop and see what cool designs we have to offer! Hulk Hogan, Rhianna, Lindsey Lohan, Johnny 5 and Wall-E, Britney Spears and more! We have hundreds of original designs for you to check out. Every time you buy a design, you help an emerging artist find his place by giving him recognition a piece of the pie.

Create your Kanye West T-shirt