Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween Festivals -- Get your Halloween t-shirts!

halloween t-shirts rock!

Only three more weeks until Halloween and the scramble to find the perfect Halloween costumes is already upon us. I recently spent the weekend in Salem, Massachussets where the Halloween festival is one of the most important things in the season. It seems this year that the focus is on Halloween t-shirts rather than full costumes.

Halloween t-shirts are easy, comfortable and a whole lot of fun. More importantly, they're not overly expensive and you can wear them year round if you choose. They also make great Halloween prizes if you're throwing a party or contest at work.

Wordans is currently looking for new Halloween designs for our custom Halloween t-shirts. If you have a great Halloween design, submit it here. We'll pay you for every time it gets sold on a Wordans custom t-shirt. Not only will you have your own designs on Halloween t-shirts, you can even make some money while you're at it.

Halloween is about having fun, being silly and looking great. This season, why not try Halloween t-shirts instead of costumes? You might find you like it.

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joen05 said...

This is a great idea! I recently wrote a post about haloween ads on websites. I could possibly do a review of your site, and we can exchange links? Looks like a pretty good business venture you have going, maybe we could work together to help each other?

let me know!